The Resource Area collects and distributes information about the DI Team Challenge Program among its volunteers.  This information is separated into a number of sub-areas each of which has its own menu on the blue menu bar.  These sub-areas are:

  • Affiliates: the geographic sub-divisions of the program
  • Teams: the teams of kids that the program serves
  • Tournaments: the competitions run by the affiliates to appraise the team solutions
  • Documents: a variety of down-loadable documents about the program 

To gain access to this information you need a DI Account.  Your account records:

  1. your credentials for logging in (for more click here)
  2. your roles within the program

Your roles in the program control your access to information on Affiliates, Teams and Documents.  Below is a brief description of the roles played by people within the program.  If you do not have access to information you believe you should, it could be that this website does not know of all your roles.  You can see the roles associated with your account by clicking on My Account=>change my settings (Roles pane).

  • Affiliate Roles (contact your AD to make changes to these roles)
    • Affiliate Director (AD): the primary contact for the program within an affiliate
    • Affiliate Administrator (AA): a tech-savvy person that assists the AD with website related tasks
    • Affiliate Growth Director (AGD): a person that works with DIHQ on expanding the program in their affiliate
    • Affiliate Training Director (ATD): an expert on DI training of volunteers and kids within the affiliate
    • Affiliate Challenge Master (ACM): an expert on one of the program's challenges within the affiliate
    • Regional Director (RD): the primary contact for the program in a region within an affiliate
    • Regional Challenge Master (RCM): an expert on one of the program's challenges in a region within the affiliate
  • Team Roles (contact your AD, or current TP, TC, TM for a specific team to make changes to these roles)
    • Purchaser of a Team Number (TP): the person that purchased a team number in ShopDI for the program season
    • Team Coordinator (TC): a person that manages the program for an organization such as a school - this person typically helps find kids and team managers interested in the program and helps form DI teams.
    • Team Manager (TM): an adult that manages a DI team of kids
  • Program-wide Roles (call the office at 888-321-1503 to make changes to these roles)
    • Program Director: a person responsible for running the DI program across all affiliates
    • International Challenge Master: an expert on one of DI's program challenges that assists the program directors in creating program materials for their challenge and controlling the interpretation of the challenge mainly through clarifications
    • DI Staff: the team at headquarters in New Jersey that keeps the program running
    • Trustee of the Board (BOT): DI is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation  A trustee is a member of the board that governs the corporation.

For more on DI roles click here.